About Verde Valley All Hazards Training:

Joel Rosenberg & Mark Duran

The Verde Valley All Hazards Training Association’ operates under the Verde Valley Chiefs’ Association and was formally organized in 2016 in response to the identified need for standarized and on-going multi-discipline, inter-agency training.  Initially founded on the dynamic response to Wildland Fire incidents, the Verde Valley All Hazards Training Association has expanded its focus to provide a platform for the development of training opportunies to meet a wide variety of local and regional topics with the principal focus of enhancing community safety and quality of life.


Create an annual training calendar to meet local, State, and Federal training requirements for participating agencies
Develop training opportunities that promote multi-agency, multi-discipline collaboration and participation
Promote awareness of local and regional risks and hazards
Identify industry best practices
Provide documentation and training records management tools

Wildland Skills Training Day Videos Below