All Skills Wildland Training Day

The theme is Leadership with an emphasis on Wildland Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response and Recovery.

The Verde Valley All Hazards Training Association is sponsoring a Wildland Skills Training Day at the Verde Valley Ranger Station on the U.S. Forest Service set for April 11, 2018 beginning at 0900 and ending at approximately 1300.  Additionally, if you have an open wildland task book, this is an opportunity to engage and work towards completion.

Target Audience

Local Fire Department Operational Members: Battalion Chiefs, Captains and acting Captains.

Track 1

Outlook for the Region

Resources Available including Aircraft, Type 3 Teams and engines.

  • Red Rock Ranger District
  • Beaver Creek Ranger District
  • Aircraft currently available: 3/19/18 – one helicopter

Communication including Update on radio frequencies

  • Mobile Radios

Dispatch Centers

  • City of Cottonwood
  • Flagstaff
  • Prescott

Size-up Model

  • Flagstaff
  • Prescott
  • Borders: GPS Coordinates/Latitude & Longitude

Wildland Task Books

  • Red Card Committee
  • IQS

Guest Speakers

Jake Gudiana, Arizona State Fire 928.830.1891

Travis Mayberry, United States Forest Service 928.830.1891

Rich Scala SFD – Radio Programmming

Todd Miranda SFD – Task books and sand table


Identification of Stakeholders

Sedona Fire District, Verde Valley Fire District, Copper Canyon Fire & Medical Authority, Cottonwood Fire Department, Jerome Fire Department, Cottonwood Public Safety Communications, Prescott National Forest, Coconino National Forest, Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire management, Camp Verde Marshal’s Office, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, Yavapai County Emergency Management, Yavapai-Apache Police Department, Department of Public Safety, US National Park Service, Arizona State Parks and Local Media.

Scenario/Sand Table Exercise

Role Players, Command Staff, Arizona State Fire and USFS.

Wildland Fire, that exceeds the capabilities of initial dispatch and threatens the surrounding community.  The first engine will arrive on scene and initiate the ICS system to mitigate the hazards while  maintaining good safety practices and accountability.

Breakout Session

Radio Programming

Scenario/Sand Table Exercise (needs 3 sand tables and Proctors)

  1. Wildland along the Freeway with exposure to Federal or State Land

End state: E811 and E531 on-scene and size-up.  Contained Wildland Fire.

Dispatch: Flagstaff

  1. Structure Fire with an exposure to wildland

End state: E531 and A531 on-scene and size-up on structure fire, order resources for wildland exposure, and assign them to the wildland fire.  Expand ICS for exposure to Wildland.

Dispatcher: Cottonwood dispatching Forest Service Units.

  1. Wildland Fire Threatening Camp Verde Community

End state: E811 size-up, orders resources local, Federal or State Land.  Escalate Mutual Aid Response.

Dispatcher: Cottonwood dispatching Forest Service Units.
Operational Coordination:  Establish and maintain a unified and coordinated operational structure and process that appropriately integrates all critical stakeholders and supports the execution of core capabilities.
Operational Communications: Ensure the capacity for timely communications in support of security, situational awareness and operations by any and all means available, among and between affected communities in the impact area and all response forces.
Training Objectives: Provide for a multi-agency-multi-discipline training opportunity that will enhance core skills for line personnel and leaders in Wildland Incidents, provide opportunity to complete task books and improve overall interoperability.
Core Skills: Scene Size-Up, Radio Communications (frequencies, programming and verbal communication), Command Structure/Unified Command and Wildland Tactics.